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kurokiiro's Journal

Kurokiiro Festival
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A community to keep you updated on Kurokiiro Festival, the con formerly known as Tekko 1/2!
Welcome to Kurokiiro, the livejournal community dedicated to bringing you news and friendships from the con formerly known as Tekko 1/2! Occasionally news may cross over with Tekkoshocon (the more widely populated community), so you may want to join that community too to be sure you get all the information!

Staff posts will update you with news pertaining directly to the festival as it approaches. Member posts (that means you!) will let you find new people before the con to meet up with at the con, share your photos and con reports, and plan meet-ups.

1. Respect others--the rule that shouldn't even need to be stated. Any and all posts violating this rule will not be approved, and any comments violating this rule will be deleted. Multiple or severe offenses will result in a banning from the community. All Livejournal rules obviously apply to this community.

2. Stay on topic. Member posts must directly pertain to Kurokiiro Festival. Examples of accepted posts are introduction, photo or meet-up posts, posts advertising a panel or event happening at the con, con reports, etc.

3. Keep all language and images on a PG-13 or "T" level.

4. When posting images, only ONE measuring 500 w x 400 h may be outside an LJ-cut. When posting over three paragraphs, please write a summary description, and the rest under an LJ-cut. (You can find out how to make an LJ-cut here.)

5. If you have any questions, or if your post is not approved and you would like to know why, please PM a moderator. (The list can be seen below on this page)