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Kurokiiro Festival--What's Nearby?
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Okay, we know you're not going to spend ALL your time at Kurokiiro Festival, hanging out with Carrie Savage, playing video games, and buying things from the dealers' room.  You need to eat things besides the snacks we'll be selling.  So, the question is, Where do you go?

Never fear!  Cid, Leafy-chan and I, your fearless con chair, took an epic journey to find out the answer!

For our own sanity, I have to add--Kurokiiro Festival, Tekkoshocon INC, Cid, Leafy, and myself are not responsible for you or anything you do once you leave the convention premises.  However, since you're associated with us, being in the same fandom, we do ask that you obey the cardinal rule of Tekkoshocon and don't be stupid.  Thanks. :)


BLUE = Money  GREEN = Photospot  RED = Food  PURPLE = Other

First things first!  What can you get to using just your own two feet?

The answer?  Welllll.... Not much.

Go out the main lobby door and turn left.  You'll find a closed Chinese resterant (it is very much under construction as Cid found when he tried to go in) and a lovely outdoor lobby

Past this is a little cafe, closed on weekends.  Further along you will see this large 7.  Inside is a PNC Bank ATM.

Now, keep walking.  If you are Cid, and you stride purposefully, 5 minutes and 28 seconds away is the mother of all dead malls, Parkway Center Mall.

Payless--closed.  Lower level--closed.  Mid-level--mostly closed.  There is NO food court.  There is a Phantom of the Attic comic book outlet!  There is a mini arcade which may work, and lots of those little kids coin operated rides scattered about which also may or may not work (we didn't try them out.  There also was a guy buffing the carpets for whatever reason, I can't imagine they got enough traffic to be dirty.

There's a feature on Parkway Center Mall on .

Inside the mall is an entrance to K-mart, which has a Little Caesar's pizza.  Very cheap food!  Leave the K-mart or the mall and keep going around and you run into Giant Eagle.  Food galore.

Alright!  Go back to the hotel and turn RIGHT.  If you keep on the sidewalk, you can find some more nice photospots.  But I must add--BE RESPECTFUL.  There are apartments right by the hotel and they probably don't really want ninjas climbing up their walls.  And no, DO NOT CLIMB ON THE HOTEL ROOF.  We'd like the whole anime community to have a good name with the hotels of Pittsburgh, thanks.

If you keep following the sidewalk, you end up on the stairs, and then up on this little grassy roof area

See?  Nice and pretty, but...

Uh, look out for holes.

Okay, so, you have a car.  Your options widen there!  What's out and about?

Leave the Best Western going to the bus stop, and you can make left, a right, and a left and arrive at Vincent's of Greentree, a sit-down Italian resteraunt. (Or if you have a GPS and don't trust my random directions (which you shouldn't) 333 Mansfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA‎, 15220.  There's a PNC Bank right by it, too!

Okay, go back to the bus stop.  This time, make a left, the next right, and another right.  And you have hit the mother load!  You've got... Wendy's, Pizza Hut, Arby's, Dairy Queen, China Buffet King, Taco Bell, Rita's Italian Ice!  And gas, too--BP and Citgo.  Parkvale Bank too if you're into that.  This is all along the area of the Poplar/Kearns intersection. (BP is Poplar/Noblestown)

Now, if you're on Greentree Road, you get Einstein Bros, Olive Garden, Boston Market, and where you can get on my good side forever by getting me Pumpkin Spice lattes-- Starbucks.  There is also another BP and an Exxon this way.

Still a little confused?

Well, Google Maps has an option to type in what you're looking for!  Just click here and you can find what you're looking for.  I warn you, it may be outdated--hence the field trip.

I hope this was helpful to all of you.  Now, we'll see you at Kurokiiro, right? XD

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