First Annual Tekko-ween On-line Costume Contest!
Is your spooky disguise spectacular? Are you a dead ringer in your Halloween get-up? Why not show it off on our revamped Facebook, and get the chance to win DVDs and other great prizes from the Tekko vault? Don't be afraid--After all, this is the season for screams!

Official Rules

1. Send ONE picture of your costume to lindsey.wagner (at) tekkoshocon (dot) com by midnight on Saturday, November 7. Any entries not received by this time will not be accepted. Attachments must be in .jpg form, and no larger than 800x600. By submitting a picture, you acknowledge and accept that Tekkoshocon may display said picture on the Tekkoshocon, INC Facebook.

2. Costumes submitted must be of the entrant. Group pictures are eligible only if the entrant is the main focus, and is clearly pointed out in the email.

3. Voting will begin on Monday, November 9 and run until Sunday, November 15. Winners will be chosen using the Facebook "Like!" function--so be sure to tell all your friends to jump online, join the Tekko facebook and vote for you!

Additional prizes may be given at staff discretion.

See more here, and don't forget to join our revamped Facebook!

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Kurokiiro Festival--What's Nearby?

Okay, we know you're not going to spend ALL your time at Kurokiiro Festival, hanging out with Carrie Savage, playing video games, and buying things from the dealers' room.  You need to eat things besides the snacks we'll be selling.  So, the question is, Where do you go?

Never fear!  Cid, Leafy-chan and I, your fearless con chair, took an epic journey to find out the answer!

For our own sanity, I have to add--Kurokiiro Festival, Tekkoshocon INC, Cid, Leafy, and myself are not responsible for you or anything you do once you leave the convention premises.  However, since you're associated with us, being in the same fandom, we do ask that you obey the cardinal rule of Tekkoshocon and don't be stupid.  Thanks. :)


BLUE = Money  GREEN = Photospot  RED = Food  PURPLE = Other

First things first!  What can you get to using just your own two feet?
Let's go on an adventure!Collapse )

Still a little confused?

Well, Google Maps has an option to type in what you're looking for!  Just click here and you can find what you're looking for.  I warn you, it may be outdated--hence the field trip.

I hope this was helpful to all of you.  Now, we'll see you at Kurokiiro, right? XD

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If you were waiting to get a room for Kurokiiro Festival...
Wait no longer!  There are only a few rooms left at the Kurokiiro rate of $119 a night!  To get this most delicious rate, you must call the Best Western off the Parkway directly at 412-922-7070 and you MUST mention Kurokiiro to get a room reserved.

Do not use the website, it is full of lies and will tell you there is delicious cake, but they are completely booked unless you stay two nights. (we're not forcing you to stay two nights, that's silly.) So call the Best Western off the Parkway now at 412-922-7070 to get the discounted rate of $119 a night for Kurokiiro attendees only!

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We are pleased to present... Battlecake!
CMU's popular video game music cover band is happy to return to the Best Western!

Battlecake is a video game cover band originating from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Since their debut, Battlecake has grown into a locally recognized band. Their past shows include Tekkoshocon 1/2, Tekkoshocon VII (opening for Eyeshine, Johnny Yong Bosch's band) and RocktakuFest, a joint concert with anime cover band, Antimotion, that netted over 200 attendees. Their energetic, shred-heavy, and fast-paced arrangements have come from a variety of games such as Megaman 2, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy games, Metal Gear Solid, Starcraft, Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and, of course, Portal. Their newest material is making its first debut this month, featuring songs from Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, and more!

Be sure to check out videos of the band's performances on Youtube! 


Kurokiiro Festival is proud to present Carrie Savage!
Kurokiiro Festival is happy to say Carrie Savage will be returning to Pittsburgh as our first guest!

In her own words...Collapse )

Welcome to Kurokiiro Festival!
Welcome to Kurokiiro Festival, the con formerly known as Tekko 1/2!

Occurring at the Best Western off the Parkway October 3 & 4, Kurokiiro Festival will offer panels, dealers, an AMV/Video room, game shows, a Gothic & Lolita fashion show, hall cosplay contest, guests, game room and so much more!

Our website can be seen here!

As your festival chair I welcome you to our first year.  Let's make it a good one!


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